Benefits of DVD include:

Better quality video with higher resolution
Long term preservation of the video (DVD's life expectancy is greater than yours at 100+ years)

Interactive menus:

Title pages
Navigational menus
Motion menus

Multiple sound tracks (optional)

Commentaries (optional)

DVD options are available:


A non-interactive DVD has no title pages or menus. When placed in a DVD player, the users' options include stopping, pausing, resuming and fast-forwarding through the video (similar to the functions of a VCR).


Interactive DVDs offer many options, including:

Title page

After inserting the disc into the player, a Title Page appears. The Title Page includes the DVD title and a navigational menu of interactive options.

Navigational menus

The navigational menu provides the user with random access to each chapter found on the DVD as well as basic functions such as play and resume.


DVD-R is a 4.7GB disc with a single side/single layer. The video and audio data is written to the disc in a manner similar to that of an audio CD. It is compatible with 80% of first-generation players and nearly all players currently being manufactured. It can contain up to 120 minutes of high quality video.

A Few Words About Compatibility

The disc(s) you receive are produced using specifications developed by the DVD Consortium - the group that conceived the DVD format. These specifications are the commonly used standards for all disc and player manufacturers. However, the manufacturers of some first generation players - those introduced to the market in 1997 and 1998 - failed to meet all the specifications in their rush to get players onto America's shelves. As a result, approximately 20% of the first generation players present varying degrees of disc/player incompatibility - particularly when playing DVD-R discs (the type used in producing limited quantity duplicates). Most players manufactured after 1999 and nearly every player being manufactured today will be compatible with all disks.